Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A mess that is blog worthy.


Innocent you think?? I think not!!! When asked who got into the flour first, Samuel told the truth. I will credit him that! "Who did this!??" I exclaimed. "Samuel or Amilia?"

They Both exclaimed, "SAMUEL!!" Looks like they both had too much fun. I stripped Sam before I got a picture. But he was just as messy as his little sister.

We are enjoying a beautiful day here. It is in the mid 70's, so I am filling up the pool for one last dip of the summer!!
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Perry and LeAnn Haislet said...

At least it was just flour and not cornstarch or something sticky like that!!

heatherhatch said...

Too cute!! How are you guys? Degenesh has gotten so tall. A big 2 year old!