Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Amilia Abera Leigh Bailey's Nursery

So after a week long search for the perfect name for our baby girl- we have finally decided. It is Amilia Abera Leigh Bailey, and we will probably call her Lia. Whew- it feels good to have that decided. It has consumed my thoughts for the last week. Lia is african and means, bringer of the gospel.

Ok, so this is my first girl! I have been dreaming about decorating her nursery for five years. I started with one adorable crib bumper from pottery barn (clearance of course:)) and let my imagination run wild. Here are some pictures of the finished product.

The picture on the wall is in her native language and says "Praise God."

Monday, March 12, 2007

Degensh Abera

Last Tuesday, March 6th, I received the best phone call of my life. I had just finished painting our new babies room and was cleaning the brushes in the basement when the phone rang. It was our social worker!!! Let's just say she heard an earful. I screamed!!! It took awhile for me to calm down and let her tell me about our little Degenesh Abera. She was born on August 16th (my Grandma Tschetters birthday). Her mother relinquished her on February 15th. At that time she weighed 11.5 pounds and was 24 inches long. She is under the 3rd percentile for her height and weight. When taken into care she had pnemonia, but is now healthy. I wish that I could post a picture of her on the blog, but I can't yet because she isn't legally ours. Let's just say she is adorable. She has big brown eyes, beautiful dark skin, and no hair. :):) I think they shaved her head when she came to the orphanage.

The wait to travel is 8-12 weeks, so with one week down, we are getting busy!!! We will get 1-3 weeks notice before we leave. In preparation for our trip we got our travel shots on Friday. OUCH!!! I got six shots, and Nathanael got five!!! So if anyone needs an international travel companion for the next 10 years, our shots our taken care of!! Let's see- there was the flu shot, Hep A, yellow fever, meningitis, tetnus, polio!!!! And lets not forget the Malaria Medicine and antibiotic for diarrhea. And tomorrow we will start our live Typhoid pill vaccine.

Since things have really started moving on the adoption front, I will be posting more often.
Thanks all for going on this journey with us!!! We love you all!!!