Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Forgive me- Oh Faithful Blog readers!

So, what are the reasons for my postponed blogging? I think it is because so much has happen over the last few months!

Here are the pictures, and captions in review!

April 12th- Nathanael turns 30! He celebrated with two birthday parties, one in the Cities with family, and one in Duluth with friends.

We celebrated Sammy's third birthday! He giggled all night long at his new CAT dump truck!

Surprise! I also found him doing some light reading!

We celebrated Amilia's gotcha day! It was May 3rd of last year that we began to care for her 24/7. Wow! What a trying and wonderful year we have had!! This picture was taken while she was trying on one of Nathanael's birthday gifts!

I celebrated my 31st birthday with a nice quiet night at home. Nathanael made fajitas that went wonderfully with a glass of wine! Here I am opening a card from the kids!

It has been a busy few months!
Stay tuned- I hope to post more frequently!