Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sorry so long...

since I have blogged!!! I have heard that there are many of you that still check our blog often! We are definitely settling into life with four children. Amilia is doing so well. She has been battling a double ear infection since coming home. We just finished our second dose of Antibiotic and have a recheck next week. The boys are loving their new sister. Before traveling to Africa, I was worried about how they would adjust. Isaac would say often, "I just want is to be three boys, and mom and dad." Today he told me, "I love my new baby sister!" They are very sweet with her, and she has gotten used to the amount of action around the house. When we first came home, she would get freaked out by the noise and activity level, now she is joining right in!!! Nathanael and I are missing the sweet coos and talking we first heard from Amilia. Now she grunts and sounds just like Sammy!! (Sammy still grunts and doesn't say much, even though just turned two!!)

Tonight we had a photo shoot in the backyard!
We actually got some adorable pictures of them all together! It is quite a trick to get everyone to smile and look at the camera! Ages for these pictures- Isaac 5 1/2- Lincoln 4 1/2 -Sammy 2 - Amilia 9 months.

Amilia has adjusted so well. When in Africa she learned how to sit up by herself, and just yesterday she began to crawl on all fours!!! She doesn't go very far yet- but it will be soon enough. She is also doing a great job at feeding herself. She hadn't ever until arriving home, and now she is a pro!! She doesn't have any teeth yet - but she can gum a lot of it. It is taking some time to attach to us. Obviously, she prefers me to Nathanael, just because I am always with her. She is waking up in the middle of the night to eat, which she NEVER did at the care center! Needless to say, Nathanael and I are getting anxious for her to sleep through the night!!! The middle of the night feedings, and our American food has helped Amilia to gain 3 pounds since coming home!!! She is still tiny compared to other American babies, but we are happy with the progress!

Hope you enjoy the pictures!!!