Sunday, August 19, 2007

It all began with....

TWO- individuals who came together as one.
A POST about the two of us.

Last night, Nathanael and I drove to the cities for his 10 year high school reunion. My parents came over from the cabin and generously offered to watch all four kids. We don't often get so dressed up, so we snapped a quick picture before walking out the door.

So... when becoming a parent you become selfless, but you don't want to loss yourself. You may ask, what have these selves been up to lately? Through the chaos of four children, surprisingly we have had some wonderful time together as a couple. We spend time chatting on the couch, having friends and family over, watching movies. It seems our relationship has a renewed sense of humor, which is a MUST in our crazy house.
Nathanael was recently promoted to foreman of his shop. This means he continues to work on cars, but also is the leader and trainer in the back of the shop. Every Thursday morning he meets with a group of good friends for breakfast and accountability. He also has been running the sound equipment at church a couple of times a month. This is something Nathanael loves to do, and does and excellent job.

My sanity lately has been grounded by a few activities- baking and music. I have gotten into homemade breads- yummy!!! Two weeks ago I bought a new guitar, and I should have it any day. I play piano and guitar often, the kids love it. Writing music also is a great creative outlet for me. There is just something special about singing and playing a song no one else knows - especially as a praise to my heavenly father.
So that's the TWO of us lately- catch you at the next blog.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Amilia's ONE

It's hard to believe that yesterday, August 16, Amilia turned one. Since we have only had her for 3 months, it seemed so strange. We have a quiet day at home. We grilled dinner and had strawberry shortcake. Amilia would have NOTHING to do with her cake. No fun messes to take pictures of- oh well, we already have plenty of those. She is cruising along furniture, and crawling very fast.
Our hard wood floors are finished, but our kitchen is still under constuction. That project has been put on hold because some friends of ours gave us a nice wooden playground. So we have been landscaping our backyard to make room for it. It is now up and completed. We had a HUGE load of wood chips dumped in our driveway. The boys had LOTS of fun climbing and slidding down that. YES- slidding down a pile of woodchips!! Can you say- SPLINTERS IN THEIR CUT LITTLE BOTTOMS!!!